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  founded in 1996
The International Progressive Dog Breeders' Alliance , (IPDBA) founded in 1996 is the first registry of its kind, uniting top breeders and enthusiasts around the world of all breeds of dogs in one unique registry.

The founders IPDBA believe that the breeding of all animals is an art form, and as such, breeders should have the freedom to express themselves and their vision for their breed (s) in their breeding programs.

The founders of IPDBA were leading breeders for their breeds, who realized that no matter how well their personal breeding program was or how much they did to improve their dogs over many years, it had very little influence to the improvement of the breed as a whole. In fact, most breeds are continuing to decline in the common registries. They realized the only way to improve an entire breed was to get all breeder's within a breed to breed their dogs under the same strict requirements. 

Since each breed has faults, unique to themselves, each breed would need to have unique registration requirements to improve their breed as a whole. Since the breeder's of each breed knows their breed better than the officer's of any registry, IPDBA gives full control to the Chartered Breed Association of each breed to develop their breed's unique registration requirements and IPDBA Registrar strictly enforces those unique requirements.

Example #1: If a breed suffers from genetic fault/s, all dogs would be required to be certified free from the fault before they could be used for breeding. With the use of genetic coding, the future looks bright for IPDBA breeds to able to completely eradicate all genetic faults in their breeds.

Example #2: If a hunting or working breed suffers from years of breeding non-hunting or working dogs, they would be require to be Certified as hunting or working dogs before used for breeding.

Example #3: If a breed suffers from unethical breeder's switching papers and pedigrees on their dogs, all pups would require to be permanently identified with marked diagrams, photos, tattoos, microchips, or even DNA, etc..  Also, all known breeder's and their dogs who have false papers in other registries can be permanently banned from registration in IPDBA, eliminating those false pedigrees in the whole breed within IPDBA.

Since it's founding, IPDBA has attracted some of the best breeder's around the world for their respective breed's and has quickly established a reputation of  having the highest superior quality dogs within their registry. "Quality over Quantity" is the IPDBA motto.

IPDBA was developed to:

Give creative freedom to breeders to develop new breeds and the means to preserve and improve their entire breed without interference from their registry.

Establish an all breed registry for Breed Charter's to setup their own unique registration requirements to improve and preserve their breed and adjust those requirements as needed.


Create a strong international alliance among dog breeders and enthusiasts around the world.

Unite breeders of all breeds of dogs in one unique, powerful organization, in which breeders work together to protect all dog breeds and their hobby from restrictive legislation.

The IPDBA currently recognizes more than 550 new and established breeds of dogs, making it the largest all-breed registry in the world.
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If you don't see a breed association link for the kind of dog (s) that you breed and are interested in seeing one or are interested in forming a breed association for the dog (s) that you breed, please contact IPDBA  for details.
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